What We Do

WeGetVisas consults its clients on visa requirements and obtains them on their behalf.

Many countries have adopted either electronic visa processes or visa upon arrival but still some countries use the old-fashioned paper-based process that requires filled out applications, passports and supporting documents to be submitted to the embassy. Of course, in many instances clients can mail their applications directly to the embassy but oftentimes their documents are rejected and returned unprocessed simply because clients forgot to enclose a document or filled out applications incorrectly. Here when WeGetVisas comes into play.

Our business model is simple: we charge a small fee for our leg work to get your visas in person at the embassy as follows:

  • You contact us in advance prior to sending your documents in order to finalize exact embassy requirements.
  • You then mail all the documents to one of our offices.
  • We submit Visa Applications and passports in person at the embassy.  We make sure the documents are accepted and obtain official receipt that will allow to pick up passports with visa issued.
  • We go back to the embassy on the day shown on receipt, pick up your passports and mail them back to you. We can courier your passports anywhere in the world, using such courier companies as DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.

Please contact us if you want to use our foreign visa services!